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by Eve2

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You Are Beautiful Mug

At Bible college we had a wonderful but rather eccentric Coptic Christian tutor from Egypt. He was renowned for his phrases and saying, oft repeated over and over. The most common saying he had with a broad smile and thick Egyptian accent ... "You are beautiful ... just like your Father". 

Sadly he died recently and this is my homage to him, the great George Bebawi. "You Are Beautiful" is not merely a meaningless bit of instagram flim flam. This is about a deep theological truth that every human is intrinsically beautiful because within them is the very image of God - their Father. 

What greater a statement do we need in this world of falsehood and superficialities than to say to another human being "You are beautiful". It cuts through shame, guilt, worthlessness, inadequacy and every other kind of negative thought to be told that you are simply a beautiful person.