In the last few years Eve2 has delivered 1000's of custom printed items of clothing to churches, charities and schools all around the world. We pride ourselves on finding the best print method for your requirements. Most printers will simply do what they do with the biggest profit margin. We advise you on the best way to achieve what you need for the way you are setup. There's a big difference.

For instance, a screen printer will have large setup costs for any job and require a minimum order of at least 20 t-shirts (for example). But you may have a team of just 6 people, which you hope will grow in time. Should you buy 20 t-shirts to keep the screen printer happy? No, of course not. With Eve2 you now have a choice! 

At Eve2 we will print JUST the T-shirts you need, when you need them. If you have a large enough order for things to be screen printed then that's what we'll get done for you to save a little bit of money. But if you are like most churches you will want just a few items now and then maybe more later. Using our in-house Direct-To-Garment printer we can do that. Similarly, if your artwork is suitable, then we can print and cut bespoke designs using professional garment vinyl. Both these processes are fully digital, meaning no setup costs and print-on-demand down to a minimum order quantity of just ONE item.

Through our trade partners we can offer embroidery, screen print and sublimation services as well.

What's the difference? We're glad you asked: 


One garment at a time is loaded onto a large digital printer which uses eco-friendly inks for cotton. The garment disappears inside the printer and the inks are printed directly to the surface of the garment. Full colour every time at no extra cost. No setup fees either. Amazing! 

The drawback is it's quite slow so large quantities aren't suitable for this process, and it is also quite costly so prices are higher per item than when you get a large volume order printed with a screen printer.

The blessings of this process though are we can always print just one t-shirt, which a screen printer will never do. So if you initially get 8 t-shirts done for you team and then a few weeks later someone new joins the team - no problem! We'll pop another shirt in the post within a few days. Easy as that.