Merch for your church ... and you!

Merchandise covers a wide range of products. Bags, mugs,
badges, stickers, hats, t-shirts, keyrings, teddy bears, fridge
magnets, notebooks, water bottles, window stickers...
The list is almost endless.

In the Eve2 workshop we can print many of these, and the
ones we can't print ourselves we have trade partners who
will do them for us. Either way, you can get anything you
like printed through Eve2. Just let us know what you would
like and let us do the rest.

Merch for your church!

Most of our merch options can be found currently over at or

One of the first jobs Eve2 was proud to take on was printing 500 mugs for the 500th anniversary of lay readers in the Church of England, one of which got presented to Prince Phillip and supposedly now resides in Buckingham Palace.

There's really no limit to the merchandise options Eve2 offers. Our most common products are Mugs, Hoodies, T-Shirts, and Bags. Other items we commonly provide are fridge magnets, stickers, notebooks, and


White 11oz mugs are THE classic mug and we can print them for you either in the hundreds or one at a time. A full range of other styles and colours of mugs are available through our partners. Just get in touch for whatever you would like.


With clothing we can offer a full print-on-demand service to fulfil your orders one by one as they come in, allowing you the freedom to create digital products and not have to buy a large order up front. Perfect for youth groups and team. We can even set you up with a shop front to display your wares and enable easy purchasing by your supporters and teams.


A widely popular item available in a huge range of colours and styles to suit every budget - the cotton tote or shopping bag is fast replacing plastic bags and an amazing form of advertising and branding locally for your church. We offer every type of bag available with printing on demand for one bag at a time or 10's or 100's.