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Simply send us a message here if you would like to get in touch about anything at all. Probably you want to chat about printing or designing something, that's cool. Football would be our least knowledgeable area most likely, but we're friendly and happy to chat about anything really.

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With more than 20 years of experience we can deliver the best products.


Why are there THREE different websites for eve2?

Well, we could tell you it's because of our deep conviction over Trinitarian theology, but the truth is the range and scope of what eve2 is offering the church is ENORMOUS. Each website has very different functionality and purpose. Here on the main website you will find conventional ways of buying some of our pre-designed products, articles to read to help you, templates to have edited or edit yourself, and all the support information you might need. Then over on you will find our clothing and all the tools to create your own designs for clothing and more. Finally over at you will find our portal to all the everyday print needs of churches - flyers, posters, signage, large format ... and all those types of things. Each part of the eve2 web platform works in a particular way. We hope you find your way around. If you're confused just book a time with Evan (Book A Guided Tour) and he will show you around online.

Shipping & Returns

This bit is complicated! Sorry. Because of the range of custom work we do some things CAN be easily returned and refunded if there's a problem, and some things are not quite so straightforward. If you've bought something which is a set product that we can easily sell to someone else then it's very easy. Just return the item to us and we will offer a full refund on the goods. If though you've asked us to print something with your custom design or artwork on then we can only offer an exchange of goods or a refund if there is a problem with our print work. In any event, please always just get in touch. We're friendly, we want to make things right and provide an excellent service. Just chat nicely to us and we'll always do what we can.

The address to send things to is: 
Eve2 Media Ltd
(inside Squires Garden Center)
Holloway Hill
KT16 0AE


We are working hard to produce a wide range of articles and videos to support you in the work you are doing for your church or charity. This library will grow over time. If there is something you are struggling with just get in touch and we will gladly provide whatever help we can.
If you have ordered a product and need advice or support then please always feel free to phone or email (details above). Eve2 is here to serve and support you however we can. That's why we exist. It is our calling.