Add To Your WishlistRainbow Dots Cross Colouring Sheet

by Eve2

Add To Your WishlistRainbow Dots Cross Colouring Sheet

by Eve2

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Rainbow Dots Cross Colouring Sheet

This is a beautifully simple but powerful design in which hundreds of small dots/circles work together to form a cross or a heart. It could be representative of a church and perfect on a large scale for each person to colour in one circle perhaps to create a display in your church building. Or it could be used simply for a mindfulness style reflective exercise. However you wish to use it I hope this colouring sheet blesses you richly. 

The download consists of 4 pages. 2 pages give you slightly different versions of the cross image and 2 pages give you slightly different versions each of the heart image. You are welcome to print these out as many times as you like for either your home or your church (according to the license you purchase)

NOTE: If you roll over the image of the colouring sheet you will see only a very low res copy of this artwork. The download version is razor sharp, not pixelated. 

License Types

We want our resources to be used and used widely, so we offer two types of license. Home Use and Church Use. With either license you can download and enjoy this product as many times as you like. Print and colour, print and colour, print and colour - to your heart's content. No problem at all. 

With a Home Use license you can print as many copies as you want for all the children (and adults) in your own home.

With a Church Use license you can download our colouring sheet artwork and then print on your church printer or copier, or distribute via email to your church members as much as you like. All we ask is that you don't misuse this offer. Please don't send this out beyond your own single church congregation. If you are part of a network, deanery, benefice or circuit of churches please buy one license per distinct local congregation. These resources do cost a lot of money to produce. If you need to buy a lot of licenses please talk to us and we will work out something which works for you and Eve2.

What can't you do?
Our licenses do NOT permit you to display this as a downloadable file on your own website or social media page (This is necessary to prevent people from downloading it for free rather than supporting Eve2's ministry). You are not permitted to send this to friends or family unless they fall under the "Church License" terms. You are not permitted to sell or otherwise redistribute this artwork, with or without modification.