Our Printing Services

Eve2 is the only complete service print shop for churches in the UK. What we do is BIG and quite different. 

On our main store front you will see the wonderful range of gifts, resources, and products we regularly print and ship all over the UK and abroad. These are our fun and lovely things which we have created for you and come out of Evan's 20+ years of church ministry experience. 

That is not all we do! We have 2 other websites you can click through to on the top menu called "Custom Clothing" and "Church Print". These will take you to www.fruitful.ink and www.churchprint.uk (please note that's .uk at the end, NOT .co.uk) respectively. They are completely independent platforms to the main Eve2 website which you are on right now and you will need a different account and login for each of them. What do we do there? 

Eve2 is a custom print workshop allowing us to print just about anything. Items we can't print in house (or in many cases - products which are simply not economical for us to try to print in house) we outsource to a select range of incredible Trade only printers in the UK. All the printers we work with have exceptional environmental credentials and can only be accessed through Eve2. In essence working like this means there is no limit to what we can offer. 

So whether it is signage you need for your church, or balloons for the church fete, business cards for the vicar, t-shirts for your volunteer team, mugs for the kitchen, tea towels, flags, banners, posters, flyers, wall vinyls, booklets, pens, chalkboard, A-frames, hoodies, bags, canvas prints, stickers, car magnets, fridge magnets, badges, embroidery, screen print, ... well you get the idea. We can and do handle it all. 

We also offer a design service. Amazing huh? 

We do what we do because we want to serve the kingdom of God and see it thrive. There is no other business in the UK offering this range of services to the church. We are Eve2 - your partner for a fruitful ministry serving God.