Add To Your WishlistNoah's Ark Colouring Sheet

by Eve2

Add To Your WishlistNoah's Ark Colouring Sheet

by Eve2

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Noah's Ark Colouring Sheet

Wow! This is our HUGE Noah's Ark colouring sheet. A Noah's Ark with a difference. Don't be fooled by the cartoony style. This Ark is accurate according to the Biblical narrative. The proportions of the Ark are correct. The heigh - width - length ratios are all styled according to the dimensions given in the Bible. 

Although we couldn't keep all the characters to scale (because then they'd simply be too small to colour in or see sensibly) we have placed a Blue Whale under the Ark to scale with the Ark proportions. 

The weather tells the narrative of the whole story of Noah and the Ark - from the rains, to the sunshine to the rainbow over Mt Ararat. 

At the base of the flat relatively flat topped mountain is a lone tree which of course told Noah land was nearby. 

Inside the Ark are the correct number of decks, store rooms and as many pairs of animals as we thought would be helpful. 

You will also find the correct number of people - Noah and his wife, Shem, Ham and Japheth and their wives - all doing daily tasks and adventures which we think may have happened in life aboard the Ark. It's a fun scene with serious teaching points to help all ages engage and enjoy the Bible story with a new insight and twist. 

License Types

We want our resources to be used and used widely, so we offer two types of license. Home Use and Church Use. With either license you can download and enjoy this product as many times as you like. Print and colour, print and colour, print and colour - to your heart's content. No problem at all. 

With a Home Use license you can print as many copies as you want for all the children (and adults) in your own home.

With a Church Use license you can download our colouring sheet artwork and then print on your church printer or copier, or distribute via email to your church members as much as you like. All we ask is that you don't misuse this offer. Please don't send this out beyond your own single church congregation. If you are part of a network, deanery, benefice or circuit of churches please buy one license per distinct local congregation. These resources do cost a lot of money to produce. If you need to buy a lot of licenses please talk to us and we will work out something which works for you and Eve2.

What can't you do?
Our licenses do NOT permit you to display this as a downloadable file on your own website or social media page (This is necessary to prevent people from downloading it for free rather than supporting Eve2's ministry). You are not permitted to send this to friends or family unless they fall under the "Church License" terms. You are not permitted to sell or otherwise redistribute this artwork, with or without modification.