Coming soon ....Articles and Videos to help you

One of the ambitions of Eve2 is to provide a wealth of resources for church leaders, administrators, youth workers, and anyone else tasked with the job of "sorting out the signage" or "get 500 flyers done" or "do you think we can get balloons" or whatever crazy idea someone in a meeting comes up with.

We know the reality ... few churches have professionals from the world of design or print, and fewer churches still have the software, the time, the staff or the know-how to get things done quickly. Because of this a vast number of hours are dedicated every week to the basic jobs of getting things designed and printed. Now here at Eve2 we absolutely LOVE to design and print things. It's a passion. But like any gift that perhaps isn't shared by everyone else. So we are busy writing a wealth of articles to help explain, educate and inform about everything to do with print and design. We hope it will make your lives easier and less stressful. We're not ready with them just yet but here's a list of things we are working on for you ...

Software roundup

There are lots of wonderful tools out there to help you do the work you need to do ... and none of them are called "MS Publisher"! They don't cost the earth and they are very well worth the investment of time or money. We'll give you a round up of what's available.


No, this is nothing to do with vampires or nasty accidents. When we send things to be printed 'bleed' is a really crucial part of the digital artwork. We'll explain more about this mysterious beast and help you get the product you want looking beautiful and perfect every time.

Using Templates

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All colours are equally wonderful, but not all colours are created equally! 

When designing on a brightly backlit screen in RGB (don't worry - we'll explain what that means), it can be a minefield working out what the colours will look like when they're printed in CMYK inks. You'd have thought they'd be the same thing wouldn't you? But sadly no. We'll try and explain the best ways to avoid disappointments and the pitfalls to watch out for.

Folds and Stitches

Do you know your saddle stitch from your tri-fold, or your perfect bound from your long edge? Well fear not, we'll try and put it all together in one place for you to help you navigate the wonderful world of terminology and technicalities.

Lamination? We've got you covered!

No, it's not a book in the Old Testament ... we're talking silk, matt, gloss and soft touch laminations! 

All you need to know about the options available when you get things printed and why you may or may not need them.