Welcome to the Eve2 FAQ section. 

I can't find what I'm looking for - what do I do?
This one is easy. Please just send an email to hello@eve2.co.uk and we will get back to you as soon as we can. If you send us your phone number we'll even most likely give you a call to chat through person to person whatever it is you need. 

You do a lot of different things, but do you do ... [fill in your random request here]
The mostly likely answer is ... YES! The point of Eve2 is that we strive to be a one stop shop for any kind of print requirement for churches in the UK. The challenge of that is being able to put everything sensibly onto a website. It's really hard to keep up to be honest. So if there is something you need and you can't find the item listed please just get in touch - we do a wide range of printing in our own workshop and we have partnerships with multiple trade printers around the UK who do things we can't do ourselves. 

What are some of the more unusual things you can print then?
Aside from print-on-demand clothing, bags, aprons, banners, posters, flyers, business cards, mugs and flags you mean? Ok, well there's balloons, teddy bears, socks, pens, rulers, badges, fridge magnets, framed canvasses, fine art prints, wall vinyls, car magnetic signs, those little magnetic moveable word things you can put on fridges to make silly phrases, stickers (oh we do so many stickers), GIANT banners for the side of buildings, journals, short run hardback books, advent calendars ... honestly the list is pretty much endless. And we like a challenge. 

Why do you have 3 websites?
Well, to be honest it's actually FOUR websites when you include our FairTrade clothing store www.dojustly.co.uk.
The truth is what we are doing is unique, wonderful but also very complicated in terms of managing orders and processing items ready for print. We need a lot of help from technology that helps us meet the challenge. Mostly that comes in the form of highly bespoke web platforms which do very specific jobs for specific tasks. Sadly the cost of those clever websites is that no one platform can do everything we need it to. So we have had to develop 3 sites, each with a particular focus and function. So we have the main eve2 site (www.eve2.co.uk) which acts as our homepage and main store. Then we have a very clever website called custom.eve2.co.uk which allows people to buy clothing and even design their own garments. Finally we have print.eve2.co.uk for managing the more business like print products which churches need. The magic all happens behind the scenes on each of the websites which makes our life easier. We're sorry that they can't be joined together. We know that would make your lives easier too. One day maybe they'll come up with a solution. For now, we hope you can navigate them well and if you get stuck just drop us a line to hello@eve2.co.uk. Thank you.