FairTrade / Neutral Sizing Guide

This page will be updated shortly to explain how to understand the sizing on the Neutral range of clothing. IF you are unsure about sizing please get in touch prior to purchasing anything. We will be very happy to help. hello@eve2.co.uk

Neutral is a Danish company and has been around for many years on the European mainland. As such their catalogue is focused on the European market and styling and suited to European conventions. This matters when it comes to sizing because European fashion uses a different sizing convention to the UK which tends to use a more US-centric sizing convention. The two systems are very different to one another. 

In the US/UK fashion industry we use size guides which tell you the size something needs to be labelled as if your body is X cm in a particular dimension. The clothing though will not actually measure X cm, it will measure X cm and a bit. So if your chest physically measures 42inches with a tape measure pulled close to your skin, then the garment will be labelled as 42inches but will in fact measure something like 44inches. This gives the garment a bit of extra space when you put it on so it isn't skin tight. 

European fashion labelling doesn't do this. The numbers you see no European labels relate to the actual physical dimensions of the garment itself. So if the garment is marked as being 42inches then that is the actual physical size of the garment itself. A 42inch t-shirt on a 42inch person would be skin tight.