Add To Your WishlistWorld Prayer Labyrinth (Customisable)

by Eve2

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Add To Your WishlistWorld Prayer Labyrinth (Customisable)

by Eve2

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World Prayer Labyrinth (Customisable)

This is a world themed prayer pathway / labyrinth which we designed to be particularly useful for helping people to engage in praying for the world, or for people you know and love (eg, missionaries who your church supports) in the mission and ministry they are doing globally. 

The idea of this pathway is that you would place prayer cards along the pathway for people to pick up and engage with as they slowly walk the world, pausing, reading, praying as they go. Or you could place cards about different issues, people groups, or nations to help engage praying. 

This is NOT meant to be an accurate depiction of the whole planet. The design is deliberately simple and should not be thought of as an accurate representation of the world map. Rather it is a backdrop to set context onto which you would place your own locally printed prayer resources to bring accurate detail and context to the issues you want people to pray for. 

The pathway is a singular path leading the pray-er on a long winding road gently and gradually toward the centre, and then back out again. 

The Labyrinth is printed to multiple lengths of PVC banner media (440gsm PVC with a Fire Retardant Rating to DIN 75200 <100mm / min). The strips are purposefully designed with a large white edge down one side which the next strip sits on top of to make a seamless join. 

If necessary the strips can be held together with velcro. In use we found this wasn't strictly necessary. 

The media is robust and long lasting and can be brushed down or even gently mopped clean after use. 

A 4.8m x4.8m version of this labyrinth will ship as 3 strips of 1.3m x 4.8m and 1 of 1.2m x 4.8m.