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by Eve2

The Bible is often thought of as a single overwhelmingly large book. It isn't, and never has been. It has always been a handy little library of books. Helping people to see the Bible in this way can really help people to access it more easily and begin to understand what they are reading. 

This banner from our Bible Library series is designed to educate and inspire people of all ages to access the Bible in a new way. 

The books aren't to scale in terms of the size each one is in the Bible because we didn't want to make any one book look more or less daunting than any others really. We just wanted to give the impression that there are 66 books and they should each be read in their own right, but as part of the overall whole library. 

We can print this to any size. You can also order this just as a digital file for download if you don't want a physical product shipped to you, but with every purchase of a printed banner you will get the download file for free. 

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Bible Library Bookshelf Banner