We offer a huge range of banners for your church. Mostly they are over on our sister site Before you head there though you might want to read this helpful page explaining the differences between them. It might save you a lot of time and head scratching. 

"Banners" is a term commonly used but can relate to very different things. 

Essentially there are outdoor banners and indoor banners. Outdoor banners are usually those big landscape PVC banners you see tied to railings, fences or fixed to the side of buildings. Indoor banners are usually vertical and free standing in a base unit - sometimes called a roll-up or pull-up banner. We do them all.

Outdoor Banners
Outdoor banners are sold by the square meter so you will find them listed as "Material" over on You can choose from a range of different media styles - standard 440gsm PVC is by far the most common and affordable option and will serve you brilliantly in almost every situation. There is a heavier duty 500gsm option which is almost identical but more robust. Mesh banners are a relatively new product and these are suited to situations where you expect a lot of airflow through the banner itself - for example if you are going to tie the banner to a stretch of open fencing where the air can flow through from the back then you ought to go for a mesh banner as it will reduce the stresses and strains on the eyelets holding the banner in place. Banners are large and act like sails catching the wind if you aren't careful. 

Indoor Banners
Our most common banner is the Rollsby. We encourage all our church customers to go for this banner unit simply because it is so well made and is easy to update with new banner graphics over time. Many other base units are available suited to different purposes and budgets. We don't like to ship really cheap units because although they are cheap and cheerful the truth is they will have come at a cost to someone, and will be unlikely to serve your church well. If you are on a strict budget (which we know many are) then please speak to us and we will try and provide you with something good for a price you can afford. 

Mostly indoor banners measure 80cm wide by 2m tall - or thereabouts. They are not designed to withstand gusts of wind outdoors so should be indoors. You can weight them down usually to ensure they don't get easily toppled or blown over. 

Care for your outdooor banner
Over the years we've only had a couple of our banners break - and every time it has been because the customer hadn't secured them well or had left them out in a gale hoping for the best. So it is important to ensure you get the right banner for your setting and you think to secure it tightly and to take it down when there are high winds around.