Eve2 is moving! YAY! 
We have a lot to do over the next few weeks/months and we have a lot of orders and jobs to complete first.

So we're really really sorry but we've had to make the difficult choice to close Eve2 for the time being.
It IS only for the time being though. We will be back (just like Arnie!).
We have to close an entire workshop and relocate everything and rebuild a new workshop space.
So we're going to be busy busy busy!
When we're ready we will be back, re-energised, and all shiny and new! 
Keep an eye on our social media feeds on facebook (that's our main place) and twitter and instagram.

Oh, and please be praying for us (well, me, Evan!). 

If there's anything super urgent and desperate please email evan@eve2.co.uk.

Thank you!