About Us

Eve2 is different. 

We are not warehouse operation. We don't just pluck something from a stock shelf and throw it at a courier. We lovingly create everything you see (with a few exceptions that we do keep in stock ready to go) from scratch when you place your order. We are a custom design and print shop serving primarily the Christian market in the UK. We serve anyone though with any kind of idea that needs custom printing and we ship all over the world if you ask us to do so. 

Eve2 was born out of nearly 20 years of parish ministry by Evan, an ordained Anglican priest with a technical background (ok, I'm a geek!) and a passion for design and communication to further the kingdom of God. From many years of experience we know that most churches don't have dedicated teams of people creating professional artwork, nor the tools for the job. Churches often fall foul of the minimum order requirements many printers set. Eve2 is different. We offer low minimum order quantities - even down to just 1 print in most cases. 

We run a purpose built custom print workshop where our printers are state of the art digital printers which handle short run print across a wide range of formats - clothing, paper, banners, giftware, homewares, signage and more. 

We also partner with a carefully selected range of trade printers who handle the jobs we don't do in house. By taking this approach we can offer our customers the widest range of products imaginable. For example, we don't have a multi-million £ leaflet printer which is super environmentally friendly and able to churn out the lowest cost but highest quality leaflets and booklets the world has ever seen ... but we know a printer who does! We can't print balloons in house ... but we know who does. We can't print a banner to fit the entire side of your church building ... but we know where we can get the best quality and best price from a printer who handles that kind of work. 

Eve2 is the UK's only one stop shop for all your printing needs. Here to serve. Passionate about the kingdom. Caring for the environment...and fully understanding of the limitations of every day parish ministry.

What does the name mean?
People often ask what the name means - which we like. We're glad you recognise it is something different and it is meant to provoke thought. The meaning of the name is actually really important to us and came about through a lot of thought, experience and prayer. The vision for Eve2 is to be a partner for churches and to help all those in the Christian world grow and multiply whatever it is they are doing for the kingdom. Eve 1 was the wife of Adam all the way back in Genesis in the Bible. When God formed Eve from Adam's rib he said to Adam she would be his wife and together they would be fruitful and multiply. Although we can't be the wife for any church, we can partner with you and help you to grow your ministry and be fruitful for the Kingdom of God. So Eve1 was Adam's wife, and Eve2 is your partner for fruitfulness. It's as simple as that. 

The logo represents various things as succinctly and simply as we could manage. The 2 is a superscript style 2, as you would find in a mathematical formula. The idea is of something being multiplied and multiplied.  It conveys growth.
The leaves are reminiscent of the traditional idea of Adam and Eve covering themselves with fig leaves (even if this isn't strictly biblical). But they represent something more than that. Many companies have made a shift towards being environmentally friendly. Eve2 began life with this in mind. We wanted from the outset to model excellent standards of care for our neighbours around the world and for the environment as a whole. So we have consistently sourced materials, print processes, partners, and suppliers who value ethical, sustainable and environmentally friendly ways of manufacture, distribution and printing. We have sourced FairTrade clothing and worked with other suppliers who are seriously investing in their end-to-end supply chain and people ensuring wellbeing and fair wages. Most of our print products are printed using vegetable based dyes rather than solvent inks (this isn't fully possible yet but is something we use every time it is possible). 

So the two leaves show our commitment to an ethical and environmental framework for all that we do. They also again show something of the idea of growth and fruitfulness which we hope our ministry to you will bring about.

How did we start?
Well, life went wonky! As it often does. Evan found himself a  single dad with 3 kids, a breakdown, and a crash out of parish ministry with a lot of healing to do. Creativity has been Evan's healing balm, and Eve2 has been the continuation of his lifelong passion to serve Jesus and His church. The future vision of Eve2 is to be an employer of other people who have or are in mental health crisis and to use Eve2's platform to help others find healing and growth in their lives with Jesus at the center of all we do.